Just a cool piece of sea plastic turned into an amazing pendant

Naturally sea worn plastic pendant

WOW, I was at the beach at Southerness, SW Scotland and came across this beauty. It’s sea plastic and I thought what no better way to reuse it than into a designer pendant.

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As beautiful as it is, its actually pollution (at least I removed it and reused it). Plastic is everywhere. Cheap and disposable, plastic has been a symbol of our throwaway culture. It’s useful and convenient, but it’s also a massive pollution problem, especially in our oceans. Turtles and seabirds become ensnared in discarded plastics, and tiny microplastics are eaten by pretty much everything. So as much as I love this piece, I don’t condone plastic in oceans, rivers – nature generally.

To find out more about ocean plastic pollution read theocean cleanup.com where you can support them to make a difference.